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At Big O Tires we’re always here to serve you, providing the best value in tires, wheel rims, exceptional auto repairs and servicing. But we’re also here to be your trusted resource for everything you need to know about your vehicle to keep it running smoothly and safely.

So we’ve created this page to take you ‘beyond the service bay’ by providing information, tips, advice and news on new techniques and new products being introduced so you can stay informed and on top of your vehicle’s maintenance!

Check back here regularly as we’ll continually be adding to our knowledge base and stay tuned to our Facebook page (click either of the links up at the top or down at the bottom of this page) as we’ll post any new additions to this page on our Facebook page.

  • Vehicle Maintenance: Getting Ready For Spring

    Vehicle Maintenance: Getting Ready For Spring

    Before heading on your next road trip, it is best to check your vehicle’s condition. There are several items that you can check in your driveway — before calling your local automotive shop. Putting The Rubber Down As the spring temperatures warm up, so does the surface of the asphalt that we drive on daily.

  • Why Are Routine Tune-Ups Important?

    Why Are Routine Tune-Ups Important?

    Spring is in the air, and that means fresh beginnings — even for your car. Routine maintenance items go further than tire changeovers and engine services. Tune-ups are integral to the overall health of your vehicle. Let’s take a look at what to expect with a tune-up service.   Opening The Hood The initial inspection

  • Them’s the Brakes! Tips for Reducing Brake Wear & Tear

    Them’s the Brakes! Tips for Reducing Brake Wear & Tear

    At Big O Tires, we do brakes, and lots of other types of automotive repair too. Every part of a vehicle suffers wear and tear, but how you drive your vehicle can often help reduce the amount of wear and tear on various component parts, decreasing the frequency at which those parts need to be

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